Tasting Menu Magnolia 2022

Oyster and meuniere sauce

Waffle, tuna and caviar

Amberjack, lattuce and pistachio

Mantis shrimp bottoni, artichoke, parsley and lemon

Rigatoni, clams, potatoes and salted cod

Lobster, olive, fennel and ‘nduja

Turbot, caulifower, onion and seaweed

Mullet, celery, apple and sorrel


Pigeon, radish and red fruits

Sandwich, blackberry and Earl Grey

Tangerine, yogurt and saffron

Sotto Bosco

Tasting Menù Magnolia 12 courses €150 per person
The Wine Pairing, 7 glasses, €85

Tasting Menù Magnolia 7 courses €120 per person
The Wine Pairing, 5 glasses, €60

The Menù service is for the whole table

Tasting Menu "Classic"

Sea scallop, Jerusalem artichoke, hazelnut and caviar

Squids, carbonara and black truffe

Spaghetti, sea urchins, cuttlefish and turnip greens

Risotto Adriatic Sea

Sea bass, artichoke, bottarga and bagna cauda


Mallard, oyster, pak-choi, oriental sauce

Raspberry, beetroot and rhubarb

Tropical Coconut

€ 120 per person
€ 60 wine pairing 5 glasses

The menù service if for the whole table

La Carte

two courses € 80

two courses and a dessert € 95

three courses and a dessert € 130

The “à la Carte” service is available for a maximum of 4 guests




Mineral water Dolomia 5

Mineral water Lurisia 5

Mineral water Perrier 7

Coffee Timor Torrefazione Giamaica 5

Cover 5

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