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From the dream of Alberto Faccani to create a place in harmony with his cooking philosophy, Magnolia Ristorante was born in 2003.

Cesenatico has been the setting for the Magnolia Ristorante for many years and precisely at the turn of the 19th year the project grows and transforms itself.

A new location therefore for Magnolia Ristorante, which moves from Cesenatico to Longiano within the spaces of Villa Margherita, and a new concept where food becomes the protagonist together with nature, design and well-being.

PHILOSOPHY OFAlberto Faccani

The kitchen meets art in a balance that surprises and enchants
At Magnolia Ristorante, food itself becomes an ingredient in an experience that goes beyond taste.
Each dish signed by Alberto Faccani is the representation of encounters: innovation and tradition, contrasting textures, balances of flavors that surprise and enchant. To accompany each creation, nature and matter, which act as a background.
A formula that has conquered the palate of critics and which has allowed the Magnolia Ristorante to receive two Michelin stars.


From a passion that has accompanied him since he was a child "When I grow up I will be a cook" the decision to become a Chef.

To accompany him along the road that led him, in 2005, to receive a Michelin Star and, in 2018, to win the second Star: the study, the deep knowledge of the ingredients, the desire to experiment. All this, combined with the curiosity that has always characterized him, led him to discover the world and to become, from a very young age, a member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe.

Alberto Faccani's cuisine is a cuisine based on products, techniques, research and love. The quality and enhancement of local raw materials are the basis of every creation that comes to life from the desire to amaze every diner through combinations, flavors and textures.
Villa Margherita
Villa Margherita
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