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A passionate discovery of different flavours, colours, textures and smiles


Magnolia Restaurant was created in 2003 following an idea by Alberto Faccani to captivate his guests in a unique sensory experience consisting of fun, a passion for pure flavours, and harmonious combinations. Magnolia is a place where local tradition meets other worlds, where creativity meets the desire to experiment and astound, where cooking meets art, and where this harmonious blend will surprise and enchant you. This formula quickly won over the palates of critics and resulted in Magnolia being awarded with a Michelin Star in just its second year of operation.

Alberto Faccani handles all aspects of his restaurant, from the selection of base materials to the plate settings, and from bread-making to pastries, making the Magnolia “a fresh and dynamic place of enjoyment, with an international feel” where guests will smile from amazement and pleasure in equal measure when each course arrives.

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